Maths GRE

Maths is the easiest section in GRE… you can easily score 800/800….. here’s what u can do for maths : first of all, develop the mental attidute that “maths is easy and i m surely going to score 800/800”.

Second of all,when u install the PowerPrep by ETS, when u start the session, u will find a link for “maths review”. that will open a link for MATHSREV.pdf (i think this is the name of the PDF. its of some 69 pages).this PDF is a very good document to start with. follow each page very religiously.

Whenever u see a formula, try to put values for varibles in the formula. Try to create your own questions. Try to look at the formula from different angles. like, for example : suppose i see the formula—> area of square is aa and perimeter of a square is 4a, then what i do is, i draw a square and then try to think of various questions like 1) what if i am given just the perimter and i m asked to find the area or 2) what if i am told that the perimter of square A is 4 times the perimter of square B then i am asked to find out the area of square A. Are you getting my point?…whatever formula you see, keep that in mind, think of examples… this is how u will increase marks in maths. One more thing, it is quite possible that you know everything abt maths, but you must be making silly mistakes.

For the first 18-20 questions, be doubly sure to mark the right answer. if the computer knows that u gave right answers for the first 18-20 questions, then the computer will understand that you are very good at math and the last 8 questions wont matter much!…

you can buy Barrons Maths or Kaplan Maths or Princeton Maths for practising maths examples and building maths fundas…

I hope this blog helps…



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