Services for writing Essays,Letter of Recommendations and SoP for MS/MBA aspirants…

I am Dipen Ambalia from Mumbai. I am an electrical engineer from VJTI (2004 passout). I have a work-ex of 7 yrs in IT.

My credentials:

1) GRE scores
first attempt- 2005: 1420 – 640 (v) + 780 (m)
second attempt 2009: 1440 – 640 (v) + 800 (m)
Applied to MISM at Heinz at CMU and got an admit for 1 yr MISM. But couldn’t go because of lack of funds!

2) GMAT score –
640 – 27 (verbal) + 50 (quant)
Applied to MBA at lancaster University- UK (ranked at 26th in the world), got admit. But couldn’t go because of lack of funds!

3) Have written blogs on GRE and they have been very well received.
you can visit my website: and go the BLOGs tab and then to the GRE section or you can go to

If you google for “how to tackle RC in GRE” or “how to tackle antonyms in GRE” or such GRE related stuff, you would find 3-4 links from my website or blog. (I have stated this point at the risk of sounding stuffed-shirt! :-))

3) I am the author of a book called “In Their Shoes…”.

I have helped hundreds and thousands of GRE-aspirants since september 2009.

So, with so much experience in hand, I have now started offering professional services for  writing Essays, Letter of Recommendations and SOPs for MS and MBA Aspirants… My fees will definitely be lower than what you will be charged in the market, that’s for sure!

You can reach me at :…. you can mail me and then I give you my cell number and then I can help…

Take Care…


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