How GRE is Scored

How is the GRE scored? – GRE Percentile Scores

GRE is a CAT (computer Adaptive Test). ie. if you perform well, then you will get harder questions and that will fetch you more marks. But, if you perform badly, then you will get easy questions that will fetch you lesser marks. So, it is always advisable that you pay a lot of attention to the firt 15 questions in the test.

Both of the Verbal and Quantitative Sections are scored on a scale of 200 to 800, in 10-point increments (it means that you may get a score of 610, but not 605). The total score ranges from 400 to 1600.

The Writing Section is scored separately in a different scale of 0 to 6.
How important are my GRE scores?

The GRE score is one of most important factors in the admission process because it is the common platform of evaluating you against the pool of applicants for the seats that you eye for. However, different schools have the different recruiting philosophy. Some schools consider it as a requirement only and weight GPA very heavily instead. The other schools regard the GRE scores as the single most important factor. Its advisable that you go to the individual college’s (the college that you wish to target) website and then check out the importance given to GRE.

GRE Score and Graduate School Admissions – Average GRE Scores

GRE scores matter. The weight placed on your GRE score in relation to the other factors that admissions committees consider (e.g. undergraduate GPA, letters of recommendation, relevant experience in your chosen field, etc) will vary from school to school and from program to program, but GREs are a necessary part of your application package. In addition, GRE scores are an important factor in the awarding of teaching and research assistantships and merit-based financial aid.

Can I cancel my scores?

You  can surely cancel your GRE scores. But it is only effective right after the test on the test day. If you feel thta you ddi not perform well, you can cancel accepting the score and retake the exam. Most schools will consider the most recent three scores if you took the GRE more than three times.